Friday, October 10, 2008

The River Finally Speaks!

Good Friday Morning,

After hours of testimony by paid consultants and SJRWMD staff, Seminole County and the SJRWMD have rested their cases--well almost. The district is negotiating a new permit condition for the proposed Yankee Lake permit with Seminole.

This action stems from the SJRWMD admission that removing water from the river will increase the algal growth potential causing algae blooms to last longer.

Riverkeeper has been stating the obvious for over 18 months; removing water causes more residence time making algae blooms last longer.

In any event, less this situation the hearing finally turns to those defending the river, SJRK, St. John County, and Jacksonville. Finally, the "rest of the story."

Jan Brewer, Director of Environmental Services for St. Johns County (SJS), testified yesterday afternoon. She was great! Those of you from SJC should be very proud; she represented he river and your interests very well.

This morning, Jacksonville, presents two of their witnesses, and then, its showtime for SJRK. I testify this afternoon. I've been preparing for the last couple of nights, and I am confident things will go well.

I will tell the judge about the real St. Johns River--the beautiful, important body of water that means so much to all of us. Sadly the others side rarely if ever mentions the river in any terms other than millions of gallons of available water. That changes today!

Knowing you are all with me will make my job easier.

Today, the River finally gets her say!

I'll post later to let you know how things went.

Keep the Faith.

For the River,

Your St. Johns Riverkeeper


Christopher said...

Way to go Neil! I wish I could be there to see it all go down. Tell the truth about the river we all love and the truth will set us free . . . from withdrawals!

Robert King said...


You paint an optomistic picture, and I truely want to beleive there is hope.

It is a large burden to be the voice of the river, we are glad you have stepped forward to speak for her.

I think of the Florida I grew up in, and how much of what was important is already destroyed. Those jewels that remain must be saved from the same fate.

My grandkids have just learned to swim, I want them to have those memories too. said...

Go Neil! Keep the pressure on.
Your work contributes to the protection of all of Florida's rivers.
& Thanks,