Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello From the Front

Hello Friend Of the River,

I'm here in Sanford at the administrative hearing, and this is my first report on today's happening.

Let me be clear; this is going to be a real fight. We're facing an army of attorneys. The SJRWMD has 2-3, and Seminole County has 2 and a team of witnesses. Seminole is presenting their case first, and it may take until early next week to complete their testimony. Then, the SJRWMD presents their case, and finally, Riverkeeper and the City will present our cases.

Our Administrative Law Judge is Judge Johnston. We had an early victory today when the Judge ruled the witnesses could not sit in the courtroom during the entire trial. SC and the
SJRWMD could allow their witnesses hear all the testimonies and prepare accordingly. We cannot afford to have our witnesses stay the entire time. The ruling evens the odds somewhat.

Our lead attorney, Ken Wright, was very good today in cross examinations. Tomorrow, Riverkeeper attorney Michael Howle will handle the cross. They have spent countless hours in the past weeks preparing for this hearing. We owe then a great deal of gratitude.

Finally, I want to thank the folks who turned out to show support, today. River Champion, Bill Belleville, was welcome sight as were Michelle Thatcher, Chris Belflower, Deborah Schaffer, Steve Barnes and Vikie Desormier. Thanks Ya'll!!!

That's it for tonight. I'll file something tomorrow night.

Keep the faith!

For the River

Your St. Johns Riverkeeper

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