Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Week Ends

Good Morning,

I apologize for not posting for the last two days. I drove to Gainesville Thursday night, and the motel I was staying in did not have Internet access.

Friday morning, I spoke to a conference on water and art yesterday at Santa Fe Community College. Thanks to Mallory O'Connor, author Bill Belleville , and a great audience, for an inspiring morning.

I need to change my reporting style somewhat until I have time to speak with our attorneys.

You may remember, the judge invoked the rule, and that ruling prevented other witnesses from sitting in the courtroom hearing testimony. Hence, my blog may need to describe events more generally to honor the judge's intentions. I'll clear this up this weekend.

Generally, I fell okay about the first three days. I believe we were successful in challenging Seminole County's expert witnesses in several cases. I'll leave it at that. I was not in attendance on Friday, so I won't speculate. I will be present for the remaining days of the hearing

Seminole's case continues Monday and Tuesday,and then the SJRWMD begins to present its case. It looks like SJRK, Jacksonville, and St. Johns County will be presenting our cases starting next Friday.

We have t0 be patient; our day will come.

Keep the faith.

For the River,

Your St. Johns Riverkeeper


Bike Jax said...

Neal, Thank you for all you do.

Robert King said...


Looking forward to all future posts. This is still America (even if it is Seminole County), so the proceedings cant be kept in the dark forever. Complying with the Judge is good policy. Thanks for the inside story......

Viable solutions to the "lack" of reclaimed water here in Seminole have been proposed for so long. Yet 'disposal' of millions of gallons a day are still staunchly defended by the permitting agencies.

Lake Jesup (connected to the St Johns) finds itself severly polluted by years of effluent 'disposal', yet the permitting agencies insist on continuing the practice. As we speak $millions are budgeted to replace a pipeline to eastern Seminole, so that the practice can continue.

Seems like a no brainer. Dont withdraw any water from the river for "reclaimed" until we stop 'disposing' reclaimed water into the river and lake Jesup.

But whats brains got to do with it?