Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quck Update From Sanford

Good Morning,

Forgive me for failing to post in the last several days. Things are very hectic--that's an understatement. Also, Internet connections that allow me to log on to the blog are not always available.

We've had a couple of good days. The SJRWMD has been putting on their case, and that will continue until this afternoon. St. Johns County presents its witness today. Tomorrow, Jacksonville present some of their witnesses, and it looks like I'll go tomorrow afternoon. That means I've got a lot of work ahead of me to prepare.

Its remarkable what we've learned during this process. Its clear the District made the decision to remove water from rivers without fully considering the alternatives.

Yesterday, the permit writer for the proposed Yankee Lake withdrawal testified he did a cumulative impact analysis for the Seminole County's project in HIS HEAD. He did not write anything down; he just worked through it in his head. I don't know whether we should be angry or scared.

Got to run. I'll get something out tonight.

Thanks for your support, and in some cases prayers. We all the help we can get.

For the River,

Your St. Johns Riverkeeper

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