Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Week Begins in Sanford

Greetings from Sanford,

First things first.

Below, is a link to an essay/blog from St. Johns River Champion, Bill Belleville, on his thoughts about the administrative hearing in Sanford. Bill, a Seminole County resident, captures
the events far more eloquently than I ever could. It's a very powerful read.

Today, Seminole County rested its case. An expert testified the county has spent ~$2.4 million +/- to intervene in this case. There are more surprises ahead from SC , but I'll hold my cards close to the vest.

Tomorrow,the SJRWMD begins their case. I believe they have 5-7 witnesses, and I'm not sure when they will rest. Remember, us, the taxpayers, are paying the District to put on this case. The irony in ANY administrative case is the fact that we pay the regulatory agencies to litigate (against us) and THEN, citizens have to raise funds to pay for our attorneys. Anyway, I know Ken and Michael will do a good job during the cross examinations.

Next up, Jacksonville will call their witnesses, then St. Johns County, and finally SJRK bats last. We could begin Friday or perhaps next Wednesday.

Thanks for your support. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

For the River,

Your St. Johns Riverkeeper

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