Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Water War

This past weekend, the Orlando Sentinel had a front page article about the water withdrawal issue. In the article, the question is raised, "Whose thirst comes first?".

Unfortunately, the Sentinel did not ask a much more important question - "Why are we experiencing water shortages in the first place?"

We can get bogged down in a debate over who has a right to the water in the St. Johns and Ocklawaha and what the science says about the potential impacts, but we need to first address the reasons that we are in this predicament. As a result of poor planning, unsustainable growth and development, and the extremely inefficient use of our water resources, Central Florida is now desparately turning to the St. Johns River to solve their water supply problems.

However, before we condemn Central Florida for its actions, we must first look at how North Florida is growing and managing its resources. Unfortunately, North Florida is chugging along the same path forged by Central and South Florida and is guilty of the same unsustainable and misguided policies and practices.

Let's use this issue as an opportunity to begin the self-examination process and a meaningful dialogue about Florida's future.

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