Friday, March 7, 2008


The top photo was taken at the JEA chilled-water plant that is located near the Arena. The sprinklers had been running every day for at least two weeks in row. It then took over a week just to get someone to turn off the irrigation system once it had been reported, because no one knew who was responsible for maintaining this property. It turned out that the irrigation system was the responsibility of the City of Jacksonville (not JEA).

The second photo was taken today at FCCJ at 6:15 p.m. on my way home from work while it was raining. In fact, it had been raining all day. Look closely and you will see the sprinklers going full throttle in the background. This property is located on State Street between Jefferson and Broad.

Unfortunately, incidents like these are not that rare. We just can't continue to waste such a precious and limited resource as water. We had better get our act together in NE FL or we will be singing the Orlando and Atlanta blues soon, as well.

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Amy said...

If JEA and the city expect homeowners to abide by the irrigation freguency rules and the requirement of rain sensors on new irrigation systems, maybe they should practice what they are preaching. This is costing Jacksonville homeowners more money in frequently increased rates and fees.