Friday, March 28, 2008

Opposition Is Mounting

Well, the opposition to the water withdrawal proposals in Central Florida is mounting. Here is a current list of all of the groups, organizations, and government entities that have passed resolutions opposing the drawdown. If you are a member of a civic/business group, please ask them to consider a resolution, as well. We will need significant support to stop these withdrawals from taking place.


City of Neptune Beach
Jacksonville Beach
Keystone Heights
Atlantic Beach
Jacksonville Planning Commission
St. Johns County
Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board
Jacksonville Water and Sewer Expansion Authority
Jacksonville Waterways Commission
Town of Hastings
Town of Callahan
Nassau County
Clay County
Duval Soil and Water Conservation District

Citizen Organizations

St. Johns Riverkeeper
Putnam County Environmental Council
Northeast Chapter of the Sierra Club
Clay Action Network
Turtle Coast Sierra Club
Jacksonville Civic Council, Inc.
Shrimp Producers Association
Central Florida Sierra Club
Polk Sierra Club
Suwannee-St. Johns Sierra Club
Florida Chapter Sierra Club
William Bartram Scenic & Historic Highway Corridor Management Council
NW St. Johns County Community Coalition
Beaches Watch
St. Johns County Roundtable
Greater Arlington & Beaches CPAC
South Anastasia Community Association
Environmental Youth Council
Save Our Lakes
Greater Arlington Civic Council
Mandarin Community Club
Duval County Democratic Executive Committee
Santa Fe Lake Dwellers
North East Florida Association of Realtors
Clay County Chamber of Commerce
Florida Lure Anglers
Southside Businessmen’s Club
Democratic Women’s Information Network


eladnarra said...
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eladnarra said...

Good information to know! I was looking for news on the opposition, and it's great to know so many organizations are behind it.

It’s also great to see that you guys have a blog. It did take me a while to find it, though, and I've also noticed there aren't many (if any) comments on the posts. May I make a few suggestions?

Firstly, the links to the blog on the front page of the main website aren't very obvious; maybe the blog would be more visible if it had a link in the navigation bar at the top.

Also, at the moment this blog is set so that anonymous comments are not allowed. Perhaps there would be more participants if they were. (To reduce spam you can set it so that comments are moderated. In fact, if you decided to do this and needed someone to moderate them, I would be glad to help.)

I'm sorry if this is presumptuous of me. It's just that I think this blog has great potential to get the word out about the latest news to do with the St. Johns, and fill the gap between the newsletters, calendar, and other information on the main site.

Thanks for listening!

PS Sorry for the double post!