Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dash for Trash

Today was the annual St. Johns River Cleanup in Duval and St. Johns County. Andy Fraden, owner of All Wet Sports, organized Dash for Trash as part of the cleanup event. The Dash for Trash took place at the Pottsburg Creek boat ramp and prizes were awarded for most trash bags, most trash by weight, and most unusual item. It was amazing to see the amount of trash that participants pulled out of the creek using canoes, kayaks, and boats. A basketball goal and ball, refrigerator, boat, computer monitor, gas tank, and shopping carts were some of the more interesting items of trash that were retrieved.

Thanks to all of the Riverkeeper volunteers who helped out. A special thanks goes out to Michael Howle, Walton Cheney, and J.P. Gaither for using their boats to retrieve trash from the kayaks and canoes.

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