Saturday, June 7, 2008

And the winner of the PSA Contest is (drum roll, please)...

We are excited to announce that our panel of judges (Riverkeeper Neil Armingeon, Deborah Gianoulis, and a Team Gaia representative) has selected the winner of the 1st ever St. Johns Riverkeeper "Conserving Water to Save Our Rivers" PSA Video Contest. Andy Leverett, a junior attending Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, received the highest score and the $1000 prize. Congratulations, Andy!

We were extremely pleased with the number of entries (20), the number of counties from within the watershed that were represented (students from 5 different counties submitted entries), and the quality of the PSA videos. All of the students should be commended for their hard work and obvious concern for the St. Johns River and the future of our precious and limited water supply resources.

One of the reasons that we created the contest was to to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving our water resources. We also wanted to give kids the chance to have their voices heard. Our youth often do not have a say in the decisions that are made about the future of the St. Johns River and the use of our groundwater supplies. However, they have as much at stake, if not more, regarding the outcome of those decisions, and they will be responsible for dealing with the consequences.

Please, go to the St. Johns Riverkeeper website and see what our high school students have to say about this issue. You can view the winning video and 5 of the runner-ups.

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