Wednesday, September 26, 2007

RiverTown Muddies the Water

The aerial photo of the RiverTown project in St. Johns County was taken by South Wings, a non-profit group of volunteer pilots who assist groups like Riverkeeper. The muddy water was caused by construction-site runoff from the RiverTown project. This photo is courtesy of Ben Williams.

The creeks that cross this property are unique ravine streams that deserve better protection than this. Riverkeeper has alerted St. Joe Co., the regulators, and the county about our concerns. We will continue to press for better protections and accountability.

Despite the significant problems associated with construction-site runoff, these incidents happen frequently and are often able to persist because of a lack of enforcement. We need your help monitoring construction sites like Rivertown to make sure that they are in compliance. If you see a muddy creek or sediment leaving a construction site, please call us and help us to resolve these problems. Call 904-256-7591.

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Ellen Reed said...

I'm sure you know how irritating it is for someone in construction to see other contractors giving us a bad name.

Yet another reason we support LEED and Green Building: Construction site protection is a prerequisite. Not just an extra point. It's a foundation.

Stormwater management issues are also addressed, in both quality and quantity.

It's so easy to do. The hard part is educating each and every person on how and why.

Keepin' it green. (well, everything but the river!) ;-)