Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Revenge of the River

Riverkeeper's new documentary, Revenge of the River, looks at some of the critical issues facing the St. Johns River and explores what can be done to prevent our booming population from overwhelming our river. As our state continues to experience rapid growth and development, we are faced with significant challenges and critical decisions that will impact the future of our river. Will we decimate our remaining wetlands, lower or inadequately enforce our environmental protections, deplete our groundwater, and establish communities that are unsustainable? The decision is ours. We still have time to reconcile with our river before it seeks its revenge.

DVDs will be available soon. For more information, call 904-256-7591.

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Steve said...

Help Save Lake George - St. John's River
Please Sign Our Petition Online

Attention: Concerned Citizens

Subject: Saving Willow Point on Lake George (St. John's River)
Don't let the developers get the last large parcel on the lake!
Petition located at this URL http://www.egmservices.com/LakeGeorge/index.htm

Please help us save Willow Point from the developers, it is 12+ acres on Lake George and by signing this petition it encourages Volusia County to allow public access to the lake by possibly creating a park, fishing pier, picnic area, etc.
There is almost no public access to Lake George! Only a small remote park called Nine Mile Park.
No access means limited support for preservation.
There will be a Volusia County committee meeting in June to take up this issue.
The property has already be put on the acquisition list but it it on the "B" list and we want to put it on the "A" list for fast acquisition before the developers get it.
Please help, click the link or go to the url below and sign the petition.
There are maps and pictures at the web site so you will know where it is.